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Children Diabetes Stories - A New Method Of Prevention?

The Power of Stories and First Impressions

An old childrens s story titled, "The Tale of Two Paths," comes to mind as it in a way relates to diabetes and perhaps the solution the solving the rising diabetes crisis. The children story is about two drastically different stairways. One stairway was quite lavish and beautifully decorated, while the other stairway was rather common in appearance and over grown with vegetation.

The character of the story was introduced an opportunity to choose which stairway to accept. It turns out that the beautiful stairway did certainly not lead to heaven, on the contrary, the old and rambling stairway however unappealing, was the correct path to redemption.


An adventurous healthy diet story for kids

What does children diabetes stories as a preventive tool have to do with storytelling?

The reason for the sharp rise in people being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is the chemically injected food we choose to purchase. But, why did we make such a detramental choice in food?

The Answer, Perhaps it is those beautiful TV commercials that induce our children into eating the brand name, tasty fast food and drinking sodas.

See what's else is in your fast food. (BlackLight Food Droid)

As non-vigilant parents, we have in effect taken the more glamorous path in respect to food choice. The pizza looks glitzy, yet it turns out that the glamorous food is not so healthy and that we have indeed chosen a path to poor health, diabetes, tooth decay, and a host of other illness.

As a kid, I remember a story called Popeye the Sailer Man, this cartoon made me and my entire family want to eat spinach. Maybe it's time we re-introduced some positive health related stories and cartoons to combat the TV commercials.

This old cartoon may hold promise that about diabetes prevention and how children diabetes stories can be addressed in a non-traditional manner. children diabetes stories, the solution may be more simpler than we think.


A good start for a children diabetes prevention health related book for kids is Run Tippy Run - Draw Me Healthy.Children Diabetes Stories

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