Children & High Fructose Corn Sryup & Your Family

Children & High Fructose Corn Syrup - and Diabetes?

Is Prevention To Late?

WalMart Cancels All HFCS Products!

It the continued consuming of high fructose corn syrup worth the risk of your children getting diabetes? If all European countries and now WalMart has renounced the use of HFCS, why would you not consider avoiding this chemical? High fructose corn syrup can be the reason your kids are getting Diabetes.

You are the wall of diabetes prevention for your family. . Your are the only only one that will help them avoid diabetes. You can do this my making sure the foods your feed you kid do not contain this dangerous or suspected HFCS chemical.

Of course big interest groups, corporations are starting to advertise HFCS as being some harmless form of fructose sugar that is identical to sugar found in naturally grown fruit. Their ads also claim that the human body process all sugars the same. One of the first lesson learned in diabetes prevention is that all sugars are not processed equally.

What these commercials, and most all advertisements do, is leave out clinical and scientific studies. Such as certain sugars or starches will cause a sharp spike in blood glucose levels, fructose is one of these sugars. High Fructose Corn Syrup will quickly spike your blood sugar level too. Now not only are you getting normal amount of sugar spike from fruit, your system is getting an over load of spikes introduced from the Hamburger bun, salad, vegetables, seasonings, soda, french fries.

P is for... Prevention

Glycemic Index Aid In Prevention

Here is a Top 10 diabetes prevention tip, the food commercials on TV fail to mention something called Glycemic Index, this index confirm the fact that certain foods will spike a higher and quicker glucose level. Rapid high spikes in glucose levels lead to diabetes and diabetes is really jus the beginning of your illness cycle. Glycemic Index for foods.

Save your children.


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