Diabetes Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies And Diabetes - The Prevention, Control and Possibly The Cure Has Arrived!

More Green, Less Illness

The Purpose - To identify how a Diabetes Green Smoothie Vegetable Diet can affect diabetes and reduce insulin requirements.

Green Smoothies and Diabetes Prevention

Green Smoothies is one of the absolute best prevention efforts known. You should immediately start drinking green smoothies every morning. The prevention benefits are medically proven.

Green Smoothie An Alternative to Injecting Insulin?

Green Smoothie Juice Drinks - This gOne Diet has allowed me to stop taking insulin all together. However, I may not have developed true T1(100% destroyed pancreas.) Or,it may be that I may have prevented total pancreatic destruction by my alarmist reaction and immediately starting this gOne T1 Buster diet.

Veggie Overview - The gOne Raw Diet Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Have some veggies often called green drinks with whatever you serve. Eat organic vegetables (grow plenty of organic collards, kale, broccoli, spinach) Each meal should include 50-75% veggies. Veggies are slow release carbohydrates. You don't have to go on an overkill green smoothie diet to gain benefits, just try to consume at least 50% veggies with each meal.



Eat at least a 50/50 green diet every day.

Can Vegetables Heal The Pancreas?
Also, veggies (collards & broccoli etc) help heal the pancreas if it is not totally destroyed - don't know until you try the diet for at least three months to see if insulin intake needs to be reduced. You can use a blender to make a nasty green smoothie of veggies... Collars, Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion Root) hee hee:) I still --even though I'm not diabetic now, I still drink at least 2-4 Diabetes Green Smoothie per day. Yummy!!!!

Watch For: After you start the Diabetes Green Smoothie program, Check glucose levels before taking insulin just to make sure you avoid overdosing yourself with to much insulin (any sensible doctor will recommend an insulin reduction if necessary.) Find a doctor that understand and will help reduce insulin intake using using a veggie & exercise program.)

Your Goal, Try to add at least one green smoothie to your diet each morning. Then, gradually increase your smoothies intake up to 2-4 glasses a day, make your own green smoothie recipe.

Conclusion The gOne Raw Diet Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: By following a 50% meat and vegetable diet which includes some all organic raw Diabetes Green Smoothie, I have avoided the type 1 prognosis. No insulin injections of any kind.

V is for... Vegetable

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Diabetes Green Smoothie
Green smoothies are a quick way to get all the veggies you need in a single gulp. Green smoothie benefits are numerous as it relates to health. Remember, make you own green smoothie recipe. This site contains information about preventing diabetes, the causes of diabetes and diabetes natural treatment.