Diabetes Pancreas Protection

Diabetes Pancreas Protection & You

The Is No Serious Discussion About Diabetes, Without Discussing The Pancreas

A pound of prevention, protects the pancreas.

P is for... Pancreas

How Important Is The Pancreas?

That obscure organ that has been overshadowed by such organs as the heart and liver, is is more important than we realized. The pancreas as it turns out, is directly and indirectly connected to other vital organs of the body. If the pancreas is at risk, so is the whole body at risk of failure.

Diabetes and Pancreas Protection

One main area of focus will be diabetes as it relates to the pancreas. There is no serious discussion of diabetes without the pancreas as being the main center of focus. Therefore, the areas of concentration is in protecting the pancreas.

P is for... Prevention



P is for... Prevention

Diabetes Prevention Tips



Prevention Tip 1 - Making Diabetes Taste Good!

Junk Food advertising makes diabetes look good. Chemical additives make diabetes taste good. This deadly junk food combination could be bad for your children's health. Read More Here... Eating Junk Foods

Prevention Tip 2 - HFCS In Junk Foods Your Kids Eat

Junk Food contain a chemical called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) This is a sweetener and food preservative. HFCS is very very cheap to manufacture. All European countries have banned this food ad dative. WalMart has now abandoned HFCS, you should too. Read More Here... HFCS Is Diabetes


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Diabetes Pancreas Protection