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The Prevention, Control and Possibly The Cure For Some Diabetes Has Arrived!

V is for... Vegetable

More Green, Better Diabetes Prevention

The Purpose Is Prevention- To identify how a Diabetes Vegetable Diet can affect diabetes and reduce insulin requirements.

Green Smoothie and Diabetes Prevention - An Alternative to Injecting Insulin?

Diet Overview - The gOne Raw Diet Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Have some veggies with whatever you serve. Eat organic vegetables (grow plenty of organic collards, kale, broccoli, spinach) Each meal should include 50-75% veggies. Veggies are slow release carbohydrates.

This gOne Diet has allowed me to stop taking insulin all together. However, I may not have developed true T1(100% destroyed pancreas.) Or,it may be that I may have prevented total pancreatic destruction by my alarmist reaction and immediately starting this gOne T1 Buster diet.

Prevention Breakfast Have some veggies with whatever you serve. Fifty Percent Green Veggies -Bragg's Apple Cider, Aloe Vera Juice (1-2 oz) before meals.

Prevention Green Smoothie Recipe Here is part of my diabetes prevention plan, One Green Smoothie please. I use 1 large leaf, of collard, broccoli, kale and dandelion leaves.

Prevention Meat Choice - Turkey sausage, eggs, toast, stir fired (olive oil)with sliced veggies, garlic, onions, cuks.) -Cinnamon sprinkled on toast (cinnamon helps prevent glucose spikes.)

Prevention Dinner Have some veggies with whatever fish or poultry you serve. Fifty To Seventy Five Percent Green Veggies

Snacks (In between meals) Nuts, peanut butter, salad veggies--just not to much. Just long as these are healthy organic foods.

If you can have bread in your diet. Use 100% Whole Wheat bread. NOT wheat! It must say 100%!!!! No HFCS.

Desserts Oatmeal cookies (home made use organic oatmeal and organic products.) Organic ice cream. Stevia herb or soft drinks (this is a natural sweetener) The sugar industry fought to keep this product out the US.

Prevention Exercise 5-12 minutes before or after each meal. Twelve minutes of moderate walking can reduce glucose levels appx 25-50pts depending on weights and other factors.) But, anything that will help remove access glucose from the system is a plus (that's where Gymnema comes in handy.)

Prevention Vitamins: Gymnema Sylvestre 75% stock (this vitamin blocks glucose from entering the blood stream.) REALLY GOOD FOR TREATMEANT of Type 1 and Type 2 !

Other vitamins and minerals I take are: On rising - Monas CHLORELLA, Mid-Morning - ENERGY GREEN

Vitamin E (this overcome insulin resistance) Dandelion Root Chromium)

Time Table: Try for three months. Fact Review: Since the introduction of this HFCS chemical into the USA food supply, diabetes has proportionately increased in humans. Stop the intake of milk. It is a known fact that cows milk cause T1 diabetes.

Watch For: After you start the program, Check glucose levels before taking insulin just to make sure you avoid overdosing yourself with to much insulin (any sensible doctor will recommend an insulin reduction if necessary.) Find a doctor that understand and will help reduce insulin intake using using a veggie & exercise program.)

Your Goal, Try To Avoid: No HFCS No Milk No Sugars No Fried Foods Np Preservatives No Gluten and drink green vegetable smoothies in the AM.

Conclusion Prevention is in your hands. The gOne Raw Diet Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: By following a 50% meat and vegetable diet which includes some all organic raw green smoothies, I have avoided the type 1 prognosis. No insulin injections of anykind. Green Veggies, what a great diabetes prevention tip.

P is for... Prevention

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