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Had I known, I could have avoided my brush with Type 1 Diabetes

Prevention Is The Cure

Misdiagnosed diabetes cases is on the rise. Be on full alert. Get that second opinion before taking medication.

A simple knowledge of diabetes prevention tips and I could have aided this medical episode.

V is for... Vegetable

Misdiagnosis Diabetes and The Diabetes Quest

Last year I was misdiagnosed as being a newlyType 1 diabetic. This was despite my not displaying other symptoms that should have accompanied a typical Type 1 diabetic such as headaches, sore stomach and vomiting. I was prescribed the standard insulin injection medications. With in a couple of weeks I removed myself off this insulin.

After my three month follow-up with my endocrinologists, it was determined that I should not be on insulin after all. He commended my detailed record keeping—I had purchased meter reading software to help track my insulin progress. I had forwarded this report to my doctor before the visit.

As time pasted, I became very curious has to how I got misdiagnosed in the first place. I hated this thing with a passion, the idea that I would be forced to inject a chemical into my body when before that I never injected anything of any kind. None of the answers I received from the medical profession was making much sense.

Nothing cynically or explained how a healthy person like myself could all of a sudden get type 1 diabetes—for no reason? This curiosity put me on a quest for answers.

The Discovered Truth - How I Really Got Type 1 Diabetes

After my Misdiagnosis Diabetes episode, and after some reflection, a strange observation had recounted in my memory, I had renounced milk over the past couple years.  However, that same week when my diabetes occurred, I had suddenly acquired a irresistible thirst for some milk and drank at least two gallons of milk—straight from the carton. As a prevention expert, my sudden craving for milk would have trig erred a red alert.

But, would you know that during research about my Misdiagnosis Diabetes the cause of my getting Type 1 diabetes, I discovered that there is a direct link between Type 1 and Milk? This was my first clue as to why a healthy person could contract diabetes. From this discovery, I am on a mission to share what I have learned in my quest for the elusive answer as to how I got diabetes in the first place.


A is for...Alert


Be Aware of how diabetes is spreading and diagnosis. The science of diagnosis is not straight forward.

The medical profession is being constantly challenged by various Misdiagnosis Diabetes sub-forms or sub-sets of diabetes such as both with similar symptoms that help complicate the proper identification and the of various diabetes types. 

The Road To By-Pass Diabetes

The road from potential diabetes to diabetes prevention starts with a proper diet. Fast foods, junk foods, chemically enhanced foods are to be avoided.

Diabetes prevention involves the proper choice of foods, that are to include organic veggies, lots of green leafy veggies, plenty of water and should include a simple exercise walking routine–a simple 12 minutes walk can reduce blood sugar levels 2-50 points.

These two methods(organic veggies and walking) alone will go a long way in helping you and your family in preventing diabetes. Don’t be fooled by deceptive advertising and labels found in your super markets.  

Grocery stores are aware that more consumers are suddenly becoming more educated of labels so they are using such deceptive terms as, Natural, Farm Raised etc.  But, there is only one label that represents true organically grown food products.

The medical profession must become more educated and trained in more up to date trends in both treating and diagnosing diabetes. You doctor up to date? Read More Here...Misdiagnosis Diabetes

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