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Diabetes and Vetegtables - Eating Green!

Vegetables Carbohydrates, Less Insulin

The Purpose - To identify how a vegetable carbohydrates Diet can affect diabetes and reduce insulin requirements, improve diabetes control and fortify prevention methods.

V is for... Vegetable

Can Leafy Green Vegetables Prevent Diabetes?

If you don't have diabetes leafy green vegetables will prevent you from ever becoming pre-diabetic or from ever becoming diabetic.

Control Diabetes

If you currently have type1 or type 2 diabetes, vegetables will help you reduce high blood sugar or glucose levels and reduce insulin requirements.

Alls foods are converted into glucose or sugar, however, natural fruit sugars such as fructose you get from eating fruits are absorbed into the blood stream at a slower rate.

Green leafy vegetable carbohydrates by comparision digest much slower and are absorbed over a longer periods of time so the blood glucose level rarely spikes from eating vegetables. This is the main reason why physicians recommend vegetables as a main diabetes prevention effort.

Do Vegetables Have Carbohydrates?

All foods have carbohydrates. Vegetables are no exception. However, different foods release carbohydrates at defferent speeds and amounts. If the food you eat is a quick release carbohydrate food, this food could cause a rapid increase or spike in your Blood Glocose Level (BGL). Not good for diabetics or anyone for that matter. For this reason, vegetable carbohydrates are better for you.

Are All Carbohydrate The Same?

The essential building block involving every carbohydrate is actually a sugar molecule, a simple union of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Starches are basically of sugar molecules.

Carbohydrates are typically grouped into two categories. Simple carbohydrates sugars such as fruit sugar (fructose), corn sugar (dextrose or glucose), and table sugar (sucrose). Complex carbohydrates were thought to be the healthiest to eat. Green vegetables are good for a vegetable carbohydrates diet.

How Many Carbohydrates In Vegetables?

Vegetable carbohydrates vary from vegetable to vegatable. For instance, Brocilli and Celery both contain only One Net Carb each. Spinach is shown to contain Two Net Carbs.


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Vegetables For Diabetics—Can Eating Green Cure Diabetes?

Eating a healthy amount of leafy green veggies have been medically proven to both control, prevent and in some cases cure diabetes. Veggies are a must-have in any serious diabetes prevention program.

People who include more green leafy vegetables to their eating habits might significantly decrease their risk of developing type 2 diabetic issues, a new research claims.

The latest research conclude that vegetable carbohydrates can prevent other numerous chronic illnesses, likely simply because of their antioxidant content. Collards, Kale, Spinach and other green leafy veggies may substantially reduce type 2 diabetes risk because of their concentrations of polyphenols which have antioxidant qualities. Some examples of beneficial green veggies are collards, spinach, brocolli, dandelion leaves.

Learn how vegetables can prevent diabetes.

Vegetables for Diabetes Best Tips

Prevention Tip 1 - Vegetables and Insulin Reduction

By adding daily vegetable consumption as a part of your diet, you will increase your vegetable carbohydrates and significantly reduce your BGL. Try using a blender to create a green smoothie, drink your favorite veggies all at once. My favorite is the Triple Threat

GreenThing Vegetable Smoothie, it consists of collards, spinach, brocolli and dandelin leaves. Read More Here... Diabetes and Vegetable Overview


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