What Is The Pancreas

What Is The Pancreas?

This has always been considered a rather obscure, strange, ignored organ

There is no more serious effort than to understand the importance of the pancreas in the prevention of illness. The protection of the pancreas should involve every decision of the Four Corners of Prevention (Four Corners Of Prevention).

What Is A Pancreas?

Technically Speaking - A pancreas is a large elongated exocrine (exocrine pertains to se crest ion) organ or gland located behind the stomach. It secrets chemicals to aid in digestion. The pancreas secrets several hormones, one such hormone of interest is a hormone called insulin.

What Is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that converts food protein, fat and carbs into energy.

Where Is The Pancreas Located?

The pancreas is located behind the lower stomach.

How Big Is The Pancreas?

It's about the size of an open hand or 6-7 inches long.

What Is The Endocrine Function Of The Pancreas?

The endocrine function of the pancreas is the production various hormones such as glucagon, and somatostatin. For our particular area of interest, through its endocrine function, the pancreas also secrets insulin directly into the blood supply.

Side Note - The main difference in function is the secretion method, the pancreas is unique in that it uses both discharge methods. . The pancreas exocrine functions discharge hormones into adjacent duct glands whereas as stated above, the endocrine secreats directly into the blood supply.

How Important Is The Pancreas?

The pancreas is one of the few organs that interacts and can directly and or indirectly have a major impact on other critical organs of the body including the liver, stomach, kidney, spleen, heart, brain and intestine. 

What Is The Pancreas? - The Big Picture

It is spongy and shaped slightly The leading end of the pancreas is the largest portion and is situated on the right side of the abdomen where the stomach is attached to the small intestine (the duodenum).

Here, the stomach passes partially digested food into the small intestine. This signals the pancreas to start the various production of hormones-one of those hormones being insulin.

The opposite end of the pancreas attached to several other vital organs two being the liver and spleen.

A major portion of the pancreas is constructed of numerous endocrine cells known as islets of Langerhans. These cell clusters produce important an important hormone called insulin that regulate pancreatic secretions which in turn control blood sugar or prevent high and low blood sugar fluctuations.

P is for... Pancreas

P is for... Pancreas

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There is no more serious effort than to understand the importance of the pancreas in the prevention of illness. The protection of the pancreas should involve every decision. Read More Here... Diabetes Pancreas Protection

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What Is The Pancreas

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