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With such proven and easily attainable prevention and natural alternatives, I find it hard to accept that parents are taking such a casual attitude toward their children and diabetes, allowing their own kids to inherit a life of diabetes and possible exposing them to further dangerous pancreas damage, simply because the junk food industry... as my daughter so masterfully expressed it by saying… "they make diabetes taste good." See what else is in that burger FoodDroid

Purpose Of This Website?

The main focus and purpose for this website is twofold:

- One, to heighten diabetes awareness and

- Second, to motivate, to encourage, exhort, to challenge your logic, to induce into taking action, to..."help our kids draw their future without diabetes."

What Motivated Me To Create This Site?

Last year, I had a brief encounter with diabetes. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. Turns out, I was mis-diagnosed, I was not diabetic after all. However, as time pasted, I became very curious as to how I got diabetes in the first place. I m a health nut, I shouldn't be getting diabetes, type 1 or type 2, so I thought. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out, healthy people are suddenly getting type 1 diabetes at an alarming rate, for no apparent reason experts claim. Click The About Link if you wish to read more about my eye opening incident brush with diabetes.

I hated the idea of diabetes with a passion. What I discover is shared in this website. The most important thing was that THEY do know what is causing diabetes. It is the junk food, the regular food, all restaurant food, health drinks, the so called health food, white sugar in soft drinks, foods you buy at your local grocer, breakfast cereal you feed your kids—all contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) a man-made chemical food preserver. As HFCS has risen over the past 30 years, so has diabetes. See Causes of Diabetes for the other root cause Big 4 known causes of diabetes.

But, you can easily, easily prevent diabetes. And you will. My goal, provide primary prevention in children with diabetes.

A Call To Action—Diabetes Epidemic Prevention

I am on a personal mission to help prevent people from getting diabetes Diabetes is truly an unnecessary medical illness.

I'm am also on a mission to reveal the true root causes of diabetes and to help promote natural diabetes treatment to our young children. At every turn I will encourage parents to read health related stories to their children. I will encourage the website visitors diabetes and non-diabetics alike, to eat more organic foods.

There are already thousands of excellent websites covering the more technically correct medical subject of diabetes. I will point you to such sites that benefit our readership and save you time in locating them. This way, I can remain true to my Call To Action diabetes prevention mission.

No Red Alert Warning From The Media?

There is no "red alert" from the mass media, no media blitz about the real cause of diabetes or diabetes prevention programs. This website is my first call to action.

You will encounter this Red Alert symbol throughout the site where appropriate.

Let's not wait on the authorities to alert the public about cow milk or HFCS sweeteners.

Those who are old enough can recall how consumer groups alerted the public about the harmful chemicals and additives laced in tobacco. But, years passed before a simple warning label appeared on a carton of cigarettes, during this time, millions of people got cancer.

You can read more about the comparison of HFCS and tobacco similarities here... HFCS and Tobacco similarities debate, the HFCS debate is what tobacco debate was fifty years ago, during the debate, millions died.

A is for... Alert


If We All Exercised, Type 2 Diabetes Will Be Nonexistent

During my short diabetic ordeal, I learned that most all of type 2 diabetes can live without out insulin injections. Let me phrase this another way, there should be no type 2 diabetics in the world!!! The cause of diabetes is a man-made and self-inflicted, and a life without diabetes is a 100% possible. Their are to many parents that have accepted diabetes as a NORMAL way of living, e must all start a diabetes prevention program.

Introduction To Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention 360 (Prevention 360). is a health process that promote proper diet, exercise, nutrition and diabetes awareness which in turn can lead to a more illness free lifestyle.

Primarily, diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the pancreas ability to produce a necessary hormone called insulin. Prevention involves you deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change. By importing the Four Corner elements of diet, exercise, nutrition, and awareness will help you reduce the potential of getting diabetes.

The Four Corners Of Diabetes Prevention

During your adult years, you can prevent what is defined in the medical profession as getting a case of onset of type 2 diabetes. How? By means of maintaining a full 360 healthy lifestyle. Start by implementing the Four Corners Of Diabetes Prevention elements—diet, exercise, nutrition, and awareness—mentioned earlier in this introduction. You will slowly but surely start to reduce your dependency on insulin, and in the process avoid further pancreatic related damage and any new problems to other vital organs in your body. This latent and hidden damage is being caused by the animal based insulin medication. You will add months if not years of a better quality of life. You can eventually break the invisible shackle that totally and unnecessary binds you to the pharmaceutical companies.

Why It Is So Important To Start Prevention Now!

Diabetes is one of those under underestimated and casually accepted chronic diseases. Yet, diabetes affects the seemingly anonymous pancreas and the pancreas has the potential to drastically affect every major organ of your body such as the liver, spleen and kidney. Thus, a seemingly once manageable minor diabetes illness, can and do often lead to other serious health issues resulting in more medication and hospital visits.

Strangely enough, a large segment of diabetics seem complacent about their illness. They appear to accept the diabetes disease without any resistance. More hospital visits, more illness is in your distant future if you do not begin a Diabetes Prevention effort and start fighting against diabetes now.

Even if you are not diabetic a 360 Lifestyle is good for you and your children and grand children. This is why it is important to start your prevention program immediately.

An Appeal For Preventive Health - Risk Factors and Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes

Even if there was no such illness as diabetes, should you just sit around and eat anything you desire or eat as much as you can? This type of lifestyle will certainly lead to some other form of ill health. Diabetes Prevention is really an effort that could prevent you and other family members necessary trips to the hospital.

What You Will Learn About 360 Lifestyle Prevention

For pre-diabetics, non-diabetics and diabetics alike:

The 100 Best Diabetes Prevention Tips

- Amazing Diabetes Exercise Techniques

- Boost Your Energy

- Natural Pancreas Protection Nutrients

- Avoid New Diabetes Threats

- Beware! Symptoms and Prevention

- The Number 1 Food For Diabetes

- Increase Awareness About Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention Tips

P is for... Prevention

The Road That Will By-Pass Diabetes—Can You Prevent Diabetes?

The road from potential diabetes to diabetes avoidance starts with a proper diet. The proper choice of foods are to include organic veggies, lots of green leafy veggies, plenty of water and should include a simple exercise walking routine–a simple 12 minutes walk can reduce blood sugar levels 20-50 points. These two methods(organic veggies and walking) alone will go a long way in helping you and your family in preventing diabetes.

Organic False Claims?

Don’t be fooled by deceptive advertising and product labels found in super markets.  Grocery stores are aware that more consumers are suddenly becoming educated of various food additives like HFCS so they are now employing an array of deceptive organic sounding terms such as, Natural, Farm Raised etc.  

There is only one label that represents true organically grown food products. See the label shown below. If you do not see this USDA Organic label, don't be deceived.

O is for... Organic

Diabetes Natural Treatment

I also discovered for type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes that there is an abundance natural remedies for diabetes treatment. Some of these diabetes treatments include drinking more water, exercise, green leafy vegetables and certain herbs & vitamins. Some natural herbs can even significantly reduce the amount of insulin injection unit requirements.


Are You Putting Your Children's Pancreas At Risk?

As a parent your actions set the tone for the whole house hold. It sets the tone for attitude and aptitude. Your actions dictate what is consumed in your home, the quality of the foods you allow your children to eat. You should know, that what you permit, affects the function of pancreas. Are you feeding your kids diabetes? How Does The Pancreas Function

Diabetes Prevention Best Tips

Prevention Tip 1 - Exercises That Annihilate and Beat Diabetes!

Exercise can help you annihilate, beat diabetes and maintain a 360 lifestyle, diabetes or not. Exercise will not only increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain, it may can reduce your insulin requirements all together.
Read More Here... Exercise Beat Diabetes!

Prevention Tip 2 - Eating Green—No Diabetes? Diabetes Prevention Foods

People who increase their consumption of green leafy vegetables can greatly reduce their dependency on insulin medication. Green veggies reduce diabetes risk. Read More Here ...Diabetes Vegetable Diet

Prevention Tip 3 - How Does The Pancreas Function?

The function of the pancreas is nothing short of amazing. The pancreas perform what we in computer programming refer to as true multitasking. As the pancreas functions in humans, it simultaneously interacts with the most vital organs of the human body. A healthy pancreas is the key to good health. Read More Here... How Does The Pancreas Function

Prevention Tip 4 - Are There Herbs For Diabetes?

Herbs can provide a natural and alternative method for high blood sugar control. A basic knowledge of herbs could be your key to better health. Read More Here... Herbs For Diabetes - Article

Prevention Tip 5 - The Number One Diabetes Herb!

The number one diabetes prevention, high blood sugar, and pancreas support herb is a 2000 year old herb called Gymnema. Read More Here... Herbs For Gymnema - Overview

Prevention Tip 6 - Diabetes Prevention With Herbs?

A proven medical known truth, certain herbs can actually prevent you getting diabetes. Read More Here... Diabetes Prevention With Herbs

Prevention Tip 7 - Diabetes Prevention With 360 LifeStyle

A proven medical known truth, certain herbs can actually prevent you getting diabetes. Read More Here... Diabetes Prevention 360

Prevention Tip 8 - Diabetes Prevention And Aerobics!

Reduce insulin requirements by having fun. Learn to play again. Play-ercise your way back to good health. Read More Here... Aerobics and Diabetes

Prevention Tip 9- The Mysterious glycemic Index - How Can It Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Learning what foods contain the fastest sugar conversion can help you control and prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels. Prevent dangerous spikes. Read More Here... Glycemic Food Sugar Index

Prevention Tip 10 - Calculate Your Own Ac1 Before You Visit Your Doctor — It's Easy!

Learn 5 quick easy methods to figure your Ac1 blood glucose level. All you need in the average reading from your glucose monitor, plug it into one of the formulas and you are done. Read More Here... Calculate Your Own Ac1 Score!

Prevention Tip 11- Vitamins In Collard Greens? - Old Africa American Favorite Help Prevent Diabetes?

Loaded with vitamins and nutrients along with phytochemical properties, collard are ready to help you combat free radical impurities, improve disease resistance. Collards are a key super food for those that are serious about a diabetes prevention program. The health benefits of collard greens are numerous and well documented. Read More Here... Health Benefits Of Collard Greens

Prevention Tip 12 - "4 Wins" Diabetes Prevention Agenda Card

Diabetes Prevention Tips

The 4 Wins Countermeasure that Defeat Diabetes!

The term "4 Wins" is coined from the old phrase "Four Winds." The phrase "4 Wins" is designed to raise awareness to the four dynamic diabetes factors that if any one factor is ignored, can still lead to diabetes

It's not enough to simply exercise or eat right. To survive diabetes, a parent must be aware of all "4 Win" diabetes countermeasures. The 4-Wins parent is more aware.

Prevention Tip 13 - A Keen Awareness of Diabetes

The 4-Wins Agenda represent the four vulnerabilities that pose an immenient danger to the health of parents and kids across the world. The 4 Disciplines Eat Right, Playcise, Awareness and Gardening are the four vanguards to maintaining good health. Awareness is a necessary awakening to become more aware of the size, source, and true scope of the diabetes Health Threat Level(HTL). Read More Here... Diabetes Awareness


Read More Here... "4 Wins" Approach Ensures Diabetes Prevention


Center Of Disease Control - CDC Diabetes and Fast Foods

Causes Of Diabetes
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