Prevention is Learning The Causes Of Diabetes

What's Else, Is In That Burger?

What Is Causing Diabetes?

Checkout the FastFoodDroid. There is more to your food than what is shown in the TV commercials. Recent research studies have identify certain foods are playing a major role in causing diabetes.

Diabetes first gripped the U.S in the early 1960's, and in that short time, diabetes is rapidly spreading around the globe in direct proportion to the expansion of fast foods. To prevent getting this dies ease you must avoid junk foods. Elimination of junk food is your first step toward diabetes prevention.

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P is for... Prevention

Cause 4 - Eating Junk Food?

Prevention Tip 3 - HFCS In Junk Foods Your Kids Eat

Junk Food contain a chemical called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) This is a sweetener and food preservative. HFCS is very very cheap to manufacture. All European countries have banned this food ad dative. WalMart has now abandoned HFCS, you should too. This one chemical is harmful. Read More Here... HFCS Is Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention is your personal daily goal. Diabetes among young children is rising rapidly rising at an alarming rate. Is there a direct relationship between the consumption of junk food and diabetes? To prevent getting diabetes, avoid junk foods. To much junk food? Read More Here... Excessive Eating Of Fast Foods?

Top 10 Prevention Tip, To better learn how to prevent diabetes, we must learn the true root cause of diabetes. Vegetable Carbohydrates