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What Is Causing Diabetes

Discovering the true cause of diabetes is a complicated task to say the least, in the pursuit to identify a single source cause as being the sole reason for the rapid rise in diabetes in the U.S. population over the past few decades.

However, several research studies consistently identify certain food related components as playing a part in causing this self-inflicted illness. Diabetes first gripped the U.S in the early 1960's, and in that short time, diabetes is rapidly spreading around the globe. In this site we will focus on the true root cause and ultimately, the prevention.


Thirty years ago diabetes cases were often referred to or described as "sugar diabetes." It was a disease that adults eventually got from eating to much white sugar. There were few cases back in those days and the disease was considered to be somewhat of a novelty and would often be the topic of curious discussion. Recently, the debate as to how to get diabetes has now expanded to include other more mysterious chemicals and food additives as possible culprits in causing the spread of diabetes.

The Big 4 Causes Of Diabetes

- High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

- High Intake Of Sugar Content

- Chemical Treated Cow Milk

- Excessive Eating Of Junk Food

- High Carb Foods

Cause 1 - High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Independent research from multiple scientific studies appear to support HFCS as being one of the main contributors to the rapid increase of diabetes here in the U.S. Since its introduction over twenty five years ago, the HFCS commercial food component has been under suspicion for years. A first step in prevention, is to avoid HFCS. Read More Here... High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Cause 2 - Cow Milk and Diabetes?

Recent Diabetes Research has added a more definitive conclusion to the question of weather or not milk played any part in the sharp rise of diabetes in children. A quote from Linda Page's Best Selling Healthy Healing book sums it up best... "There is a definite link between cow's milk and Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes." Read More Here... Milk And Diabetes

Cause 3 - High Sugar Intake?

A recent study that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine provided strong indication that one of the main causes of the rapid spread of diabetes may in truth be one of our main staple food products.
Read More Here
... High Sugar Intake and Diabetes

Cause 4 - Eating Junk Food?

Diabetes among young children is rising rapidly rising at an alarming rate. Is there a direct relationship between the consumption of junk food and diabetes? Read More Here... Excessive Eating Of Fast Foods?

Cause 5 - High Carb Foods

P is for... Prevention

To The Quick - You should only eat approximately 15 Carbs per meal. If you eat more, then you create an excess of glucose in your blood supply. This affects the pancreas and other vital organs. Don't eat yourself into getting diabetes simply because diabetes taste good. Read More Here... High Carb Foods

The best method of diabetes prevention is to avoid any and all of the food related items in the Big 4 Diabetes Prevention list.


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Causes Of Diabetes
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