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Diabetes Prevention In Children - Overview

The Number One Cause of Childhood Diabetes

Children Eating Junk Foods

Consuming Junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for each and every meal is harmful. Fast foods are latent with all kinds of hormones along with chemical food additives. These chemicals are used to make the food fatter, extend shelf life, add color none of these things are added will increase interrenal value. These elements are added to make diabetes both look and taste good.

The Number One Cure For Diabetes Prevention?

Stop eating junk foods.

Carbohydrates in Fast Foods

Fast foods flood the system with an overload of carbohydrates.

It is crucial to prevent the excessive carbohydrates levels from getting into the blood supply. Pizza, particular the white flour in the pizza crust, for instance is extremely high in carbohydrates, so over indulgence in this food can over load your blood supply with excessive glucose levels.

Higher than normal blood glucose levels are a common occurrence among children and diabetes. This ab mor mal condition can eventually detrimental to the pancreas and other important organs in the human body such as the liver or kidney. Diabetes and fast foods are one of the prime reasons childhood diabetes has risen so rapidly in our children. Prevention starts with diet.

A is for... Alert

High Fructose Corn Syrup in Junk Foods

Because the initiation associated with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) additives directly into the food supply more than thirty years ago, the increase of diabetics in children. Over the past several decades the number of children and diabetes has silently exploded from two million to an alarming fifty million.

Hormones in Cow's Milk

Children and diabetes has been proven to be connected with cow's milk. Research shows a direct link to cows milk and juvenile (Type-1) diabetes.

Diabetes Children's Solution, Where Do You Start?

A good place to start in to reintroduce good eating habits and feeding your kids safe organic grown foods.

Your child's road from diabetes to diabetes prevention begins with a proper diet. Fast foods, junk foods, chemically enhanced foods should not be permitted. Chemical free foods prevent getting diabetes.

The proper selection associated with foods are usually to include organic veggies, lots of green leafy veggies, plenty of drinking water and should consist of a simple exercise simple 10-12 minute walk can decrease blood sugar levels 30-50 points. Help make children and diabetes a thing of the past.

Avoidance Is Diabetes Prevention

Transitionally from junk foods to organic vegetables will go a long way in helping you and your children prevent diabetes.

Don't be fooled by simply misleading marketing and labels found in your grocery stores. Grocery stores are aware that more consumers are starting to be cognizant of labels so they are new employing such deceptive marketing tactics and safe terms as... "Natural" and "Farm Raised." Neither of which represent a healthy product for more conscious consumer.

So, if you are not growing your own organic vegetables, look for the one true authentic label that represents true organically grown food products.

Children Stories, A Diabetes Solution?

How children's stories might help curb the rapid rise in diabetes.

Cartoons, children advertising, and illustrations got your kids into this junk food jungle, perhaps children stores can help get them out. Begin by re-programming your kids minds, the proper path to diabetes prevention may be hidden in children's books.

Run Tippy run - Draw Me Healthy Book, is a short adventurous children's story that will introduce a green diet program concept to young children. Through illustrating a direct connection to green food and overall health.

The story will help your child prevent developing diabetes. The story stimulate kids to question their current food choices & sources. Utilizing very carefully designed images, the book make an attempt to induce the young readers to begin questioning their food choices and meal selection. Tis bok also introduce organic gardening to it's young readers.


Children and Diabetes Tips

P is for... Prevention

Children and Diabetes Best Tips

Prevention Tip 1 - Making Diabetes Taste Good!

Junk Food advertising makes diabetes look good. Chemical additives make diabetes taste good. This deadly junk food combination could be bad for your children's health. Read More Here... Eating Junk Foods

Prevention Tip 2 - Children Stories—Prevent Diabetes?

Can stories reverse the trend? How? Begin by re-programming your kids minds, the proper path to diabetes prevention may be hidden in children's books. Read More Here ...The Power Of Children Diet Stories

Prevention Tip 3 - HFCS In Junk Foods Your Kids Eat

Junk Food contain a chemical called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) This is a sweetener and food preservative. HFCS is very very cheap to manufacture. All European countries have banned this food ad dative. WalMart has now abandoned HFCS, you should too. Read More Here... HFCS Is Diabetes

Prevention Tip 4 - Glycemic Index, Children and Diabetes

Avoiding junk food is a top 10 prevention tip. Most foods contain high amounts of sugars that casu es blood glucose spikes. Which foods are good, which are bad. Read More Here... Diabetes and Glycemic Index


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