Daily Sugar Intake and HFCS

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Daily Sugar Intake : Causes Of Diabetes

High Sugar Intake - Is Prevention To Late?

This debate over excessive high blood sugar levels and daily sugar intake in relation to diabetes is mute. It is a foregone acceptable conclusion that excessive sugar can cause diabetes. What is very interesting to note is that the initial warnings about consuming vast amounts of sugar and its relation to diabetes has disappeared from media amid medical warning communication.

Furthermore, and to the detriment of the public at large, high fructose corn syrup (a man made chemical form of sugar) has permeated the food supply.

The high consumption of sugar is the greatest enemies of diabetes prevention. The normal intake of sugar combined with HFCS as a hidden sugar additive placed into the food supply forces normal blood sugar levels far above a healthy range, thus causing a subsequent increase in type 2 diabetes.

What should your course of action be regading this information about sugar overload from food consumption? Your immediate reaction should be one of self preservation for you and your family, not blind loyalty to anything or anyone else.

Debating Diabetes and Dangers Of High Daily Sugar Intake

"I recall in the not so distant past a similar scenario regarding PCP's chemical that allegedly accidentally got mixed into our food supply, the impact is long lasting and yet, the incident has all but disappeared from the media circles."

This early warning about sugar has obviously went responsive and as a result many more citizens of the world will contract diabetes due to their higher than normal sugar intake.

Internet And Diabetes Prevention

Today the Internet can spread information much quicker than what the mass media is willing to provide. So sugar consumption has always been on the radar of the American public just like PCPs was on the public radar years before. Today however, we can learn about the effects of potential harmful food additives and food products in days not decades.

P is for... Prevention

Conclusion Excessive Sugar Consumption

The conclusion is beyond the experimental phase on the true dangers of high blood sugar levels and diabetes and its relation to normal blood sugar levels. Websites such as WEBMD provide excellent methods on monitoring and controlling the amount of daily intake of sugar.

Even USATODAY reprinted a medial reports article that recommended in normal that strongest terms... " The experts said people should restrict their consumption of added sugar" regarding the consumption of processes sugar from other that natural means--see link in the resource section below.

An Appeal To Your Logic
I appeal to your logic, why wait for the mass media to expose the hazards of dangerous food products? The time you waste by continuing to ingest WHITE PROCESSED SUGAR food products can be hazardous to you and your long term health of your family.

Learn more about how your daily sugar intake is being over extended with dangerous HFCS food additives you buy from your local grocer. WalMart dropped all HFCS products.

Top 10 Diabetes Prevention Tip, greatly reduce the intake of sugar.

Learn more about how your Big 4 Causes of Diabetes is being over extended with dangerous HFCS food additives you buy from your local grocer. WalMart dropped all HFCS products.


According to various articles that appeared in the American Journal Medicine the consumption of certain chemicals increased over several thousand percent. With this increase and consumption of various food additive, diabetes and other related illnesses seem to have increased in direct proportion.

USA Today

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