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All all Sugars Processes Equal?

What is the Glycemic Index?

How Can The Glycemic Index Prevent Diabetes?

Not all carbohydrate foods are created equal, in fact they transport and or convert into energy quite differently in our bodies blood supply.

The glycemic index (GI) describes this particular deviation by ranking carbohydrates according to their reaction on our blood glucose levels. Knowing the various GI rankings can help make better food choices and thus prevent and avoid developin diabetes.

A low GI carbs - the will produce very small fluctuations or increased spikes in our blood glucose and insulin levels - where as a food with a high GI index such as Fructose, will generate a sharp upward spike in blood glucose levels.

An Ounce Of Prevention
Low or slow release carb foods is key to avoing diabetes and other long term related illnesses. Best examples of slow release GI foods are green leafy vegetables.

Is is in your best interest for you and your family to understand the diabetes glycemic index and how HFCS has intruded and over exposes your body to a continuos influx of high GI through not only fast food but to include most every grocery store food products from children favorite cereals to staples such as breads and soft drinks.

Diabetics who participate in aerobics exercises and eat low carb foods can maintain a balanced glucose level with less insulin injection or medication. The GI index is simple to use once you understand basically that lower numbers represent slow release fructose foods. lower chance of preventing diabetes.

You and your family at at risk.



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