Diabetes Prevention 360

Diabetes Prevention 360

Prevention 360 Days

In One Sandbag, The Whole House Is Protected Or Flooded

What Is Prevention 360?

Prevention 360 is constant health risk awareness. It is a 360 barrier of protection points that if maintained and un-breached, will foster continued Healthy Living.

Diabetes Prevention 360 Living

The theory behind the new 360 Healthy Living expression has to do with basic geometry and observations of nature. To explain, let's start with a pencil and plain pieces of paper. In geometry you if you create one dot on the paper, that is referred or defined as a point. If you create two points and connect both, you create a line. Connect three points, you have a triangle, four points, you have a square. As more dots are added the object or polygon starts a slow transformation from a chunky triangle, square, five sided pentagon, six sided hexagon, eight sided octagon then eventually, as more and more points are added, the shape will start to form a circle. It takes a total of 360 points to form a basic circle.

Diabetes Prevention Risks?

Instead of the circle being made of dots on a sheet of paper, the circle is constructed from a ring of sandbags. The purpose of our imaginary sandbags is to barricade against the two feet high water. Imagine yourself roaming about inside the barrier of sandbags and these bags are your protective wall. This is the wall of prevention, the wall of protection. Your lifestyle is without concern or issues from water just as long as all the bags are in place. Remove just one bag and nature floods into your once protected space, your eden is flooded and the remaining sand bags never moved are now useless. It only takes one sandbag in the wall of 360 bags to compromise the entire wall.

Healthy Living 360 is a constant lifestyle of perpetual awareness of any the one thing that might cause a breach of your 360 barrier and compromise the health quality of your lifestyle. Even one high-fructose-corn-syrup cupcake creates the risk of causing a penetration of irreversible pollution into your body, into your system, which is often achieved in the name of tasting good.

Four Courners of Diabetes Prevention

The four basics necessary prevention points are diet, exercise, nutrition and awareness. Hence the term 360 Prevention LifeStyle. Other just as critical points that make up the 360 circle are things like organic foods, pancreas protection, and water quality.

360 Circle Of Protection

In the circle of 360 prevention, all points are of equal importance, a breach of one point, in our case one wrong decision, represent a penetration, a flood of damage to all. We take no chances in putting our body at risk. A Prevention 360 LifeStyle strategy goes a long way in diabetes prevention and avoiding other critical medical illnesses. A subset of Prevention 360 is Diabetes Prevention 360.

What Is Diabetes Prevention 360?

Diabetes Prevention 360 - The habitual avoidance of known elements that may or are even suspect in causing diabetes. This involves several areas of discipline, meal planning for diabetes prevention, risk factors and prevention of type 2 diabetes, exercise and diabetes prevention, to name a few.

This involves several areas of discipline, meal planning for diabetes prevention, risk factors and prevention of type 2 diabetes, exercise and diabetes prevention, to name a few.

Diabetes and Pancreas Protection

One main area of focus is the diabetes and the pancreas. There is no serious discussion of diabetes without the pancreas as being the main center of attention.

P is for... Prevention



P is for... Prevention

Diabetes Prevention Tips

Prevention Tip 1 - Diabetes Prevention 360

The research is beyond the experimental stage. It is a known connection between cow milk and diabetes. Read More Here ...Diabetes Pancreas Protection

Prevention Tip 2 - Making Diabetes Taste Good!

Junk Food advertising makes diabetes look good. Chemical additives make diabetes taste good. This deadly junk food combination could be bad for your children's health. Read More Here... Eating Junk Foods

Prevention Tip 3 - HFCS In Junk Foods Your Kids Eat

Junk Food contain a chemical called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) This is a sweetener and food preservative. HFCS is very very cheap to manufacture. All European countries have banned this food ad dative. WalMart has now abandoned HFCS, you should too. Read More Here... HFCS Is Diabetes


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