Diabetes Prevention FAQ

Diabetes Prevention FAQ

The Number One Frequently Asked Question?

I'm a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. What Causes Type 1 Diabetes?

Historical and scientific evidence seem to indicate the number one cause for getting type 1 diabetes is the consumption of cow's milk. Commercially produced cow milk has a genetically created hormone added to the cow feed. The purpose of this lab created hormone is to make the cow grow faster and bigger.


Is The Feed Hormone A Danger To Humans?

Yes! Research have concluded that the growth hormone used in the cow feed is causing the human immune defense system to attack the foreign genetically engineered hormone. In the process of attacking the alien hormone, some of the pancreas beta insulin producing cells are being destroyed.


What Is The Number One Cure For Preventing Type 1 Diabetes?

Cease the consumption of hormone fed cow milk.


If The Hormone Is So Dangerous, Why Is It Allowed?

Its allowed because some industries are to big to fail or have to much political power. There are many reasons why something harmful regularly appear in the food supply. Cigarettes, chemical food coloring, chemical processed white sugar, to name a few.

It took years of political and consumer pressure to eventually get a simple warning label on cigarettes. It took years to get an admission that the tobacco was actually being chemically treated and processed with an addictive chemical to purposely created an addictive market of consumers for the cigarette industry.

It is already proven that to some industries in our society, you are nothing more than a profit point or dot.


Diabetes and Milk Cravings - Is Milk Craving A Symptom Of Diabetes?

It is a know scientific fact that sudden craving for milk, could represent a pre-diabetes symptom.


Diabetes and Milk Cravings - Is Milk Craving A Symptom Of Diabetes?

It is a know scientific fact that sudden craving for milk, could represent a pre-diabetes symptom.


The Diabetic Pancreas - How Does Diabetes Affect The Pancreas?

Diabetes can inhibit the production of insulin. Insulin is a natural hormone produced by the pancreas to aid in the conversion of carbohydrate to glucose or energy. By protecting the pancreas, diabetes is prevented.

P is for... Prevention



P is for... Prevention

Diabetes Prevention Tips

Prevention Tip 1 - Cow Milk And Diabetes

The research is beyond the experimental stage. It is a known connection between cow milk and diabetes. Read More Here ...Cow Milk and Diabetes

Prevention Tip 2 - Making Diabetes Taste Good!

Junk Food advertising makes diabetes look good. Chemical additives make diabetes taste good. This deadly junk food combination could be bad for your children's health. Read More Here... Eating Junk Foods

Prevention Tip 3 - HFCS In Junk Foods Your Kids Eat

Junk Food contain a chemical called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) This is a sweetener and food preservative. HFCS is very very cheap to manufacture. All European countries have banned this food ad dative. WalMart has now abandoned HFCS, you should too. Read More Here... HFCS Is Diabetes


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