Diabetes AC1 Test

P is for... Prevention

What Is Ac1?

A1C—A mathematical sum that represent how much glucose is in the blood stream. The AIC goal is typically less than 7%.

This is just another tool in your arsenal of diabetes prevention efforts.

How To Calculate Your Ac1

There are several mathematical formulas used to calculate your Ac1 blood level. The list below is no all inclusive, but will introduce the basic methods being used.

You don't need to wait in suspense for several months or visit your doctor. You can get a good estimate using one of the formulas shown below.

You obtain your average blood glucose level (BGL), (BG) etc reading from your glucometer. Then plug your glucose average in place of the (avg BG) in one of the formulas shown below.

No two outcomes are identical. Each professional lab results can also be different.

Formula 1:

The formula used in this calculator is:

Average Blood Glucose in mmol/L = (1.583 * A1c - 2.52)

The conversion factor used to convert mmol/L to mg/dl is 18.05.

Formal 2:

1 A1C = ( avg BG + 100) / 36

For instance, following the instructions outlined above here is how I computed my A1C:

Step 1 - I replaced the avgBG with the 130 reading from my glucometer.


Step 2 - I added 100 and 130

This gives me a sum of 230.

Step 3 - Now all that is left is to divide.

230/36 = 6.3

My A1 C is 6.3

Formal 3:

Plasma Blood Glucose = (avg BG* 35.6) - 77.3

Formal 4:

(avg BGL+77.3)/35.6.)

Formal 5:

Hba1c = (avg BG + 86)÷ 33.3

Diabetes Prevention Best Tips

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