Eating Fast Foods & Illness

Eating Fast Foods and Diabetes
Is Prevention To Late?

Does Fast Foods Cause Diabetes?

This debate of whether or not eating fast foods causes diabetes is no longer a debate. There is little doubt that fast foods is one of the major causes of diabetes. The reason for the rise in the consumption of more fast foods are two fold.

Reason One, fast food is a convenience to the fast paced life style of most consumers. Junk food (as it is often called) can be picked up on the go with little effort, preparation and money.

Secondly, Fast foods contain excessive amounts of calories, sugars, sodium and harmful fats. Also an increase in media advertising has increased the consumption of fast foods. The sudden degradations in public health is in directly parallel with the increased consumption of junk foods over the recent years. 

What should your course of action be regarding this information about eating fast foods and the prove health risks from food consumption? Your health can suffer anything from an increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and various forms of heart disease along with potential damage to other vital organs of the human body such as the liver, kidney, spleen etc. Your immediate reaction should be one of self preservation for you and your family, not blind loyalty to anything or anyone else.

P is for... Prevention

Diabetes and Dangers Of Eating Junk Foods

This warning about fast foods has been on going for years. It has been largely ignored and as a result, many citizens of the world are contracting diabetes at an alarming rate.

Today the Internet can spread information much quicker than what the mass media is willing to provide. So fast food consumption has always been on the radar of the American public. Today however, we can learn about the effects of potential harmful food additives and the consequences of eating fast food products in days not decades. See what else is in your food...The Interactive FoodDroid - See Inside That Burger.

Eating Fast Foods Conclusion

A good USATODAY article that addresses and bluntly confirms the impact of fast foods and diabetes was published as far back as 2004 ..." Study: Eating junk food often does super-size you." This London based research article goes on to say that "eating lots of fast foods makes you fat and increase the chance of developing diabetes."

An Appeal To Your Logic

I appeal to your logic, why wait for the mass media to expose the hazards of dangerous eating fast foods? Why wait any longer to act on this information that can prevent new health problems? The time you waste by continuing to consume fast food products can be hazardous to you and your long term health of your family.


According to various articles that appeared in the American Journal Medicine, TIME, USATODAY, WEBMD, the consumption of certain fast foods has increased over several thousand percent in the past few years. With this increase and consumption of various food additive, diabetes and other related illnesses seem to have increased in direct proportion.

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