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Herbs For Diabetes Control

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The Purpose - To gain an understanding on how the natural gymnema herbs for diabetes can prevent, control and help type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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Gymnema Sylvestre For Best Prevention - Miraculous!

This is perhaps the foremost herb in the prevention of diabetes. It's medicinal properties are legendary and well known throughout the entire world.

Origin of Gymnema

The Gymnema plant grows in several Asian countries. All segments of the plant have been utilized—the leaf and root over centuries for medicinal purposes.

Research and Testing

Recent research here in the US, involving several clinical testing has been conducted on Gymnema with promising results. Fasting blood sugar levels were reduced by an average of nearly thirty-percent. Gymnema is proving to be the insulin altere native as the treatment herbs for diabetes.

How the Gymnema Herb Works

Gymnema helps by blocking the assimilation of sugar molecules. It does this very efficiently and prevent nearly fifty-percent of sugar from entering the blood stream.

Safety and Side Effects

A one year study using the gymnema herbs for diabetes on rats confirmed that the rats suffered no side effects—this is opposite of animal insulin injections where tests conducted on rodents yielded both weight gain and diabetes in that particular group of lab rats. Other recent testing of the herb used prescribed amounts on humans; Gymnema has proven void of side effects in those tests as well.

Gymnema Herbs For Diabetes Prevention

It can be taken in tablet form or chewed as a leaf. Tablets provide a more exact control of dosage–400mg is average. It can be used to help lower blood sugar. It may or may not be substituted as a 100% replacement of insulin injections. However, insulin dosage may also need to be reduced if you start taking Gymnema—always find a good qualified and dedicated physician to help with your natural health program. The gymnema herbs for diabetes is only one option in a more holistic diabetes and diet program.


Gymnema is a natural herb that can't be overlooked for certain individuals suffering with diabetes. It is a must have in the fight against diabetes prevention. The many medical and health benefits are well established. Combined with a good diet, this vitamin can greatly enhance your future health condition.

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