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Does High Carbo hydrated Foods Help To Cause Diabetes? 

First, all foods are carbohydrates(carbs for short) and all carbs affect the blood sugar, all foods are converted into energy referred to glucose in medical circles. This glucose is a conversion of carbohydrates into energy that is then released into the blood supply. There should be a glucose level of energy balance in your blood supply. Eat to little carbs will produce to little glucose, and the body and brain will suffer as a result. To many carbs (from over eating such as consuming half a pizza) will over saturate the blood supply with high levels of glucose energy.

V is for...Vegetable

What should your course of action be regarding sugar overload from high carb food consumption?

Your immediate reaction to high carb foods should be one of self preservation for you and your family, not blind loyalty to your taste buds. You should seek understand the direct link to carbs and diabetes.

Carbs and diet directly impact your health and prevention efforts. Do not overdose your blood supply with glucose by over eating pizza, bread, and particularly soft drinks of any kind. Read all labels for carb content.

You will be surprised at how many carbs are contained is so little and certain of your favorite foods. Diabetes prevention is the art of understanding carb intake.

Excessive Carbs - Higher Blood Sugar

The conclusion is beyond the experimental phase on the true dangers of high protein high carb foods, carbs and diabetes, carbs blood sugar, glucose & carbohydrates, and diabetes and carbohydrates. Websites such as WEBMD USATODAY provide excellent sources on monitoring and controlling the amount of daily intake of carbohydrates.

Conclusion - Right Carbs Mean Diabetes Prevention

Start eating green veggies of all kinds. Green leafy veggies in particular. Green veggies have almost zero carbohydrates yet provide good energy, and they also slowly release carbs into your blood stream.

Even the MAYO CLINIC provides and abundance of articles that recommended the correct foods that will help control blood sugar based on carbs and diet--see link in the resource section below.

An Appeal To Your Logic
I appeal to your logic, why wait for the mass media to expose the hazards of dangerous of high curb food products? The time you waste by continuing to consume high glucose food can be hazardous to you and your long term health of your family.

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