Milk and Diabetes Danger

Milk and Diabetes: Prevention Tips

Does Cow Milk Causes Diabetes?

P is for... Prevention

It has been known for the past several decades that their is a direct link between cow's milk and type 1 diabetes. This particular debate over cow's milk and diabetes has been ongoing over as far back as the early 60's.

The milk and diabetes relation has been confirmed in group studies, lab testing and medical data that has been gathered over a long period of time. Newborn and cow milk and diabetes and type 1 is conclusive.

During this span of time there has been countless scientific research studies that confirmed the cows milk and type 1 connection. These medical studies have been published in all sorts of medical journals, public television broadcasts, professional presentations and in almost every major medical journal in the U.S. and Europe.

Cow's Milk Formula - What's New? 
Why is this information about the dangers of milk and newborns seem suddenly in the forefront of the public attention? The answer is... the Internet. Information can not be discarded or ignored as it could have easily been done so in the past. In the past, it was a simple matter of not making this information available to the public.

The Internet on the other hand provides information with the click of a mouse, with such a efficient method of mass communication at nearly every ones finger tips, the truth about a direct link between diabetes and cows milk has been confirmed.

Newborn and Milk, What Now?
A New Prevention campaign, What should your course of action or reaction be regarding the recent admitted dangers of cow's milk and juvenile diabetes that is now appearing in major Internet medical websites? You immediate reaction should be self preservation for you and your family, not blind loyalty to anything or anyone else. Remove your child from cow's milk formula as soon as possible.

Debating Diabetes and Dangers Of Cows Milk

"I recall in the not so distant past about a similar debate regarding cigarette smoke and the side effects of secondary smoke and it's impact on children's health."

This early warning and plea went unchecked for many years and after many more human tragedies became victims.

The since of debate surrounding milk and dairy products today is similar to the same debate that took place about cigarettes decades earlier, only this time the discussion is cow milk not cigarettes.

Today the Internet can spread information much quicker than what the mass media is willing to provide. So the dangers of milk is on the radar of the American public just like cigarettes was on the public radar years before. Today however, we can learn about the effects of potential harmful dairy products and the latest medical research in days not decades.

Milk Cravings and Diabetes?

Top 10 Prevention Tip, I had developed an unusual craving for milk just days before I was misdiagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Milk cravings and diabetes appear to be a huge reoccurring theme that the medical profession over the past years seem to have totally, totally missed.

Are milk cravings bad for diabetics? The answer might more accurate indication symptom of a pre-diabetes type 1 condition.

Conclusion: Cows Milk and Diabetes

The cow's milk and juvenile diabetes conclusion is imminent on the true dangers of cow's milk. As far back as 2008, the WEBMD website weighed in on the issue of milk and diabetes... " Study Shows Protein in Cow's Milk Infant Formula May Raise Risk Of Later Diabetes." WEBMD

Even TIME magazine hinted at the milk and diabetes connection in the early 90's --see link in the resource section below.

An Appeal To Your Logic
As a diabetes prevention step, I appeal to your logic, why wait for the mass media to expose the hazards of dangerous food products? The time you waste by continuing to ingest COW MILK food products can be hazardous to you and your long term health.

As a parent, you should become more aware of the various food additives and chemicals in cow's milk formula your feed your children. Learn how hormones in milk is harming your pancreas. Milk and Diabetes


Many medical publications exposed the risk of cow's milk and diabetes years ago. According to an article that appeared in the American Journal the consumption of certain chemicals increased over several thousand percent., with an increase in the consumption of tampered dairy herds and other food products.


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