An adventurous health related story for kids

Children Diabetes Stories & You

Children's Health Story - A Pre-emptive Method Of Prevention?

As a kid, I remember a story called "Popeye the Sailer Man", in this particular cartoon series, Popeye gained super human strength from eating spinach. Each time during a crisis, it was Popeye's secret can of spinach that saved the day.

Is it possible that a diabetes prevention solution may lie in carefully crafted children stories?

It's time to re-introduced some positive health related stories like Popeye to help combat the TV commercials and encourage kids to eat more veggies.

Stories capture the imagination and can excite children. Stories can help to re-program the eating habits of our youths ... "visit this site to view the free online version of theRun Tippy Run - Draw Me Healthy  book.

In this story, Tippy (the main character) finds a new friend named g-One who excites Tippy about the main benefit from eating green veggies.

The story is designed to introduce a green diet concept to young children and get them motivated to eat more green veggies.

By illustrating a direct link to green food and health, the story will also introduce kids to organic gardening."


Learn how to fix the pencil kid

Help kids draw their future without diabetes. 

Our Goal:
1 - Drastically reduce kids dependency on diabetic drugs.

2 - Encourage a GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC 
vegetables philosophy, indoors and out.


Why this book is so important: Since the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) additives into the food supply over thirty years ago, *the increase of diabetics has kept pace in direct proportion.

The same conclusion can also be drawn about chemical hormones put in cow's milk-research shows a *direct link to chemical treated cows milk to an increase in juvenile (Type-1) diabetes.

Why the time is right to share this info: Millions of children are contracting diabetes, some perhaps being mis-diagnosed. The majority of medical recommendations consists of animal insulin medication in the form of pills or direct injection.

With prolonged use, this chemical insulin medication will eventually degrade other vital organs of their body insuring a life long dependency to the pharmaceutical industry and increased hospitalization. This is why it is so important to try to reduce the insulin medication as soon as possible and as much as possible.



In Draw Me Healthy gOne is super fast and hyper-energetic character. gOne has always followed the advice of his elders and eat's only green veggies. He grows organic veggies for himself and never eat anything provided from strangers.

gOne explains to Tippy that other goslings that break from tradition, eat all kinds of sweet foods they obtain from other creatures in the forest, these goslings are always sick and ill.

For the first time, Tippy realize their is the connection between food and health. Tippy gets excited because he can return home with this new information that can help heal all the citizens of PencillVille—his home town.


Stories are good to help establish morals and a stronger sense of self.

The sooner you get started reading to your kids, the quicker the transformation begins.


An adventurous health related story for kids


An adventurous health related story for kids

A Good Children's Book To Start

The Run Tippy Run - Draw Me Healthy is an adventurous health related story written for children.

The Draw Me Healthy story designed to serve as a diabetes prevention first line of defense, motivate kids to eat more veggies, and introduce a green organic concept to young children.

A short story, only 48 pages consisting of 50/50 illustration/large font text.

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