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The Purpose - To encourage you to look for a good diabetes up to date competent specialist. Do not assume all doctors are qualified to treat your diabetes. Do not assume all treatment is effective. There really is no one size fits all in diabetes prevention treatment plan.

Is Your Doctor's Diabetes Treatment Antiquated?

Your doctor may be just providing you run of the mill cookie cutter treatment for your diabetes. Does your doctor provide other alternatives to treat your diabetes other than with medication? Does he or she try to recommend natural alternative treatment options such as nutrition, herbal, vitamins, spices and even using exercise to reduce insulin requirements and help to prevent you from getting diabetes?

Recent Foods Facts and Metformin- It is a know fact that certain brands of cinnamon can prevent blood glucose spikes (csn be used in place of man-made chemical medicines.)

The same is said for the sweet potato having the ability to prevent sharp rises in glucose levels. In these instances, your metformin medication alone with its associates side affects can be reduced or completely eliminated in some cases.




Your Goal, Try to investigate some of the more trendy up-to-date natural treatment for your diabetes prevention and control program.

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