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The Purpose - To convince you that all what is seen on TV, is not as it seems. You need to know the whole truth before you run out and by that TV ad.

Are You Transferring Diabetes To Your Un-Born?

Prospective fathers please consider the junk food you eat. A new recent study claimed that Junk food could be passing on diabetes to your to-be-born children.

The study conducted by Australian and American researchers and involved typical rats and mice used for this kind of study.

The found a genetic DNA connections that may be responsible for junk food and the obesity related chemicals is being transmitted to their future offspring.

The female off spring of the lab rats "daughters"developed diabetes before they reached puberty, along with high concentrations of blood levels double those of labs rats not included in the junk food offspring study. These by the way are the same similar studies that have been conducted for cigarettes and alcohol over the past several decades.

Diabetes Cases Have Soared With Junk Food Sales- It is a know fact that junk food is overly high in cholesterol and carbohydrate.

Television Advertising Is Selling Diabetes - Most people already know that junk food is just as the name itself implies, it is junk food.




Your Diabetes Prevention Goal, Prevent diabetes in future generations but avoid eating junk foods. Help your children draw their future without diabetes.

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